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Body Frenzy

Free Body Jewelry


Get Free Body Jewelry

Did you get pierced recently? Or maybe you’ve had a body piercing for years?

We’ll Add Your FREE Piece of Body Jewelry to Your Order – In Exchange For Your Body Piercing Story!

Why the hell would we give to someone body jewelry for FREE? The answer is simple – by posting more and more body piercing stories on our shop blog we're going to promote our high quality body jewelry!

Here's Exactly How It Happens:

  • You have to place an order with us - there's NO minimum amount!
  • You write a story about your body piercing experience and what kind of FREE piece of body jewelry you'd like to receive,
  • Using the submission form at the bottom of this page send it to us (don't forget to include your Order Number!),
  • Take a photo of yourself with the piercing visible,
  • Wait on our e-mail - you'll have to respond to it with your photo attached to it,
  • Your story gets published on our blog and you get your free body jewelry posted to you along with your order!

What Sort Of Piercings Can I Write About?

You can write a body piercing story just about any body piercing you have. The most popular types are belly piercing, tongue piercing, nose piercing, lip piercing, eyebrow piercing and ear piercing. But please don’t submit the simple earlobe piercing experiences as it’s not actually considered as body piercing and our website visitors won’t find it an interesting read. However, other ear piercing types like industrial, tragus and others are more than welcome! You can also submit nipple piercing stories and just about anything else apart from genital piercings, OK?

What To Write In The Body Piercing Story?

Here's a very good EXAMPLE of a well written body piercing story.

Here are guidelines for the piercing story.

Everyone has something different about how they got pierced. For some it’s been a very exciting adventure. For others it’s been about facing unprofessional piercers. And I bet you have something unique in the whole piercing process, too! But if you really can’t think of how to start – here’s a quick plan.

Write about how you decided to get the piercing, what inspired you, did you need parents' permission and what age where you at the moment of getting pierced.

Write about how you chose the piercing studio – did anyone suggest it to you or it was just a random choice. Who went with you to the place and maybe you had a great laugh on the way to the studio? So don’t let anything slip out of your memory and just put it all down!

How about the piercer? Was he/she nice? Where you told everything about the piercing process and where you treated in a polite manner? You know – not all piercing parlors are the same, so there is a chance that you didn’t get the best service… Or maybe it was all the opposite – the piercer who pierced you was really good! So mention all that as well!

How did the very piercing process happen? Describe your feelings, describe what exactly the piercer did and did he/she use clamps as required and was a single use piercing needle used for piercing. Also tell us about the pain – whether you felt it at all or it was just a small pinch. You know – many are afraid of the piercing process because of the pain, so encourage those who’re going to read your piercing story!

What about aftercare – did the piercer tell you how to take proper care of your fresh body piercing? Were you given a booklet or info slip with aftercare guidelines, or where you just told to soak the piercing a few times daily with saline solution and that’s it?

It would also be great if you wrote about how long the piercing took to heal, and what body jewelry was used right after the piercing. And if you have a small collection of body jewelry – even better! Tell us where you shop for them and which ones are your best pieces! So I think this plan should give you an idea of what a good body piercing story looks like!

Now – about the photos. Please make sure to send us a good quality one. We've received quite a few blurred ones, so it would be really nice if you could make that extra effort to make your body piercing image a good one. It’s up to you from what angle you take the picture and whether your whole face is visible if you, say, have a lip piercing. However, the main guideline is – please make the image a good quality one.

Another factor – the piercing story length. The minimum is 300 words. Common – it’s really not that long at all! It’s just that my websites visitors enjoy reading longer stories with more info and funny things included. And you have to admit – you wouldn’t find a story with a few sentences an interesting read as well! So please – 300 words or more. If you’re using MS Word – just go to Tools – Word Count to find out the number of words in the story you’re writing!

And now – where your body piercing story is going to be published. All body piercing stories will be published here on BLOG!

Here's What Body Jewelry You Will Get:

You can choose ANY body jewelry you like from our shop!


So - just to make it straight - you have to purchase something on our store and after that you can choose ANY additional piece of body jewelry for FREE - and all that in exchange for your piercing story!

Just please indicate in the submission form right after the story which type of body jewelry you require!

So What Are You Waiting For? Claim Your FREE Body Jewelry NOW!!!

It shouldn’t actually take you more than twenty minutes to write your story and submit it using the form below! We'll respond to your e-mail ASAP and then you'll e-mail us the photo of your piercing so that we can publish it on this website and post you your FREE body jewelry!

P.S. Please note that only ONE piercing story from a person will be accepted

P.S.S. Please also bear in mind that prior to writing the story you have to place an order with us - but there's no minimum amount!

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